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Body Verve Instructor
This is Mindful Movement - Sweaty Style
You are invited to:
1) pay attention to your body and seek the pleasure zone
2) allow yourself to express emotions through voice and physical movements 
3) animate your Spirit with Joyful movement

We were all meant to dance. In this dance, we can release those things that sabotage our Joy. We can express our desires for our best futures, calling in what we need. We can also just dance for the fun of moving our body in a way that makes it say YES. Come and dance with me, Instigator of Inspiration!


Data Analyst of Natural Health
My gift is in the collection, organization, and interpretation of retrospective data.  What is retrospective data?  Information that you have beeing collecting and wonder why!  Check out my Data tab for more information.

data photo.jpg

And yes, I am a doctor....PhD in Natural Health

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