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Things are taking shape. Words, phrases, missions, logos....all forming. On the day that happens so infrequently, I tested out my idea for a contest at UWM and my community supporters, users/practitioners of natural health were there to support me.  I didn't win any money, but the community understood what we wanted to do, they thought it a great idea.  So onward we go!  


David Hoffman said, "Barb is on a journey to revolutionize behavioral health."  I had not thought about this in that way at all yet.  But natural health IS behavioral health when we take responsibility for our health.  Finding what works that a person can hold on to expands dramatically when we begin to add natural health and it's plethora of services for behavioral health promotion.  I think that is part of my mission statement.  Thanks David!


I just finished reading Public Health and Health Services Research in Traditional, Complementary, and Integrative Health Care: International Perspectives.  Powerful and current, the state of natural health in the world.  Chapter 5 brought what we are doing into Public Health focus.  We will build a Practice-Based Research Network that is community engaged, community driven. This is a longitudinal program, I would like people to continue with me for years and years.


I am stoked with energy for this ad-venture.  We am looking for about $35K to get it into beta testing.  If you are a revenue source, or you know one, please send me an email!!  We have a business plan, 3 year financials, business and logic models available for anyone interested.  

I have created my initial "History of Use" survey and would really enjoy it if you would take the survey and offer me feedback. Specifically, I am looking for inclusion of possible practices and products, so tell me what I am missing. How did it feel completing it? I know it is a little long, but once the history is in, it will be quick to continue providing information. Here is the link:


Stay tuned for more information. We will be looking for early adopters (complete the survey!!) - those who USE services (including herbal products) and those who PRACTICE any sort of natural health.  We are going to build a mountain of data to explore and demonstrate that natural health comes in many, many forms and one size does not fit all. Ever. Most of us use more than one type of practice and/or product. We cannot look at things in isolation. The contest this weekend helped me get quite clear about complexity.  

But it doesn't mean that we can't pull out just a little bit of information about what we are interested in at that moment. If you are a natural health researcher that would like to join me, again, email me. We am looking for partners in this venture.

Peace, Prof. Barb

Want to help?  Have questions? Have funding?  Please contact me!!

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