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A Gathering in Mexico
May 26 - June 2, 2024 
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
There are 12 spaces left!!

day three 1.jpg

It's Renewal

It's magical

It's possible to see this!!

I actually took this photo!


Excursions with the Amazing Gina! Tours of Puerto and a traditional Mezcal producer. Kayaking a Lagoon or Nature in the Sea! Gina is coming up with new tours every year! 


7 days and nights of relaxation, beauty, sun, sand, and FUN people!!

Join Us in the Dance


Waves, there are lots of waves!


Healers and artists among us will will facilitate classes or workshops and maybe hang their shingles for healing opportunities.

The Details 

We are most likely changing hotel venues. You can still expect reasonable pricing and a great location!!




          Room Pricing from a private room for $575 - 680
                  or share a room for $400 - 455 

To reserve your room, I need a reservation by March 1 and full payment by April 15, 2024 to guarantee a spot and the trip!

Airfare is separate, on your own. If you would like me to help you arrange, please let me know.
The red eye is always a discount.
I do NOT recommend Viva Aerobus, but they are the cheapest and I may still use them!! 

The best airport is Puerto Escondido. Huatulco is less than two hours away and can be cheaper with better times, but you’ll pay for taxi (@ $100) and the time to get there.

Things to do:
Waterfalls, numerous beaches-new one nearly every day if you want, shopping at local markets and tourist shops, Nature in the Sea, Cacao tour, Mezcal tour, History of Puerto walking tour, , eating, sleeping…… all off-site activities are required to be booked two weeks prior to our trip and paid for by Monday morning (in pesos). I will be sending all your options well in advance of the trip for you to make decisions.

If you are a practitioner of any kind and would like to come and offer your one-on-one services during the week (yes, you set your schedule not me!) let me know!  Massage, reiki, breathwork, tarot, astrology, what else? If you would like to offer a class format, I will add you to the week's activities and I will pay you to facilitate those classes.
Contact me for more details regarding this aspect of the trip.

Price includes: room, daily classes, one dinner with the whole group, cake by the ocean every night, planning for off-site activities (cost of activities extra!)

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