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I teach Body Verve. It's a mindful movement class (sweaty style!), meaning your goal is to dedicate yourself 100% to the moment of dance. I've been teaching since July 28, 1997! Way before it was cool to be a mind/body fitness class!

The word DANCE makes you a little nervous?  Go ahead and call it movement.  Call it exercise.  Call it a workout.  It is all of those things and so much more.  

I invite you to engage your mind to imagine your wildest dreams. I invite you to engage your emotions and express yourself. I invite you to engage your Spirit and let it shine (and sweat). I require that you honor your body by moving in way that makes your body say "YES!"

After all these years, I have decided to move into the somatic movement therapy and education world. I am currently looking for the perfect way to be of service with these skills. I have witnessed the power of Awareness in all our realms and am ready to step further into this type of healing. 

So what about this "data doctor" in my title?  Well, in 2017 I finished my final degree, a PhD in Natural Health. I have found that while I love to teach movement, I also love data.  I like to dig into messy data sets (retrospective data) and find relationships.  I am on a quest to create an open source data center dedicated to all the natural health options out there.  My dream is just beginning.


I believe in the power of community based research and retrospective analysis that allows practitioners to do what they do best without interference. I also believe that to bring natural health practices into the mainstream, we do need to know more about what these services do. I need practitioners of natural health to want to participate in data collection. Stay tuned as this new path opens up!! 

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Dr. Nuland describes the human spirit as "the sense that there is a richness in this world that’s enormous fun if you can find it, and it’s the kind of fun that you can have while actually making the world a better place for other people" (Nuland, On Being).

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